Diagnostic imaging

Very helpful for the diagnosis in internal medicine, traumatology,oncology… We have digital X Ray and echograph machines available.

internal medicine

This is the starting point to be able to get to a good diagnosis. A good check up and to speak to you about what is happening with your pet will help us to establish a
diagnostic protocol, choosing the necessary tests that need to be done. Our staff is always willing to listen to you and your animal.


A healthy mouth is critical for a happy healthy animal. We have a specific odontology unit and specific dental X-Ray machine, so we can get high definition X rays, allowing for a better study of dental patologies.


When a family member gets ill, getting quick results is frequently critical to be able to start a specific treatment as soon as possible. That’s why we have in-house laboratory equipment: blood tests (CBC and chemicals), snap test for infectious diseases, coprology, Urine tests, elctrolytes, hormone tests,… Also we recently incorporated new technology which allows to get results from cytologies in a reduced time.


Our hope is to be with you in the best possible way when our patients develop cancer. We put all our resources (internal medicine, diagnostic imaging and surgery) to find the best available treatment to treat and mimize the pain of your friends. We are used to giving chemotherapy treatments and we are able to refer to specialists when


We are lucky to be able to provide our surgery service to treat your pets. We feel
proud of that and we want to make sure their wellness is always guaranteed at such a delicate time. We also have a specific entrance and hospitalization for these animals.

oftalmologia veterinaria


We cannot neglect such an important thing as our pets’ sight. We also have specific equipment for oftalmology available to check eye pressure, retina,…


In our shop you will find good quality food, including healthy treats and also toys and accessories for dogs and cats. During the summer we also have ice creams for dogs wich are a good way to make them happy while waiting for them to be checked.

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