Let us introduce you to our team, who is always willing to listen to you and give you the best advice for your four-legged friend.

¿Want to meet us?

Our Veterinary clinic started in 2011, here in Huércal Overa, with plenty of enthusiasm and the
hope of helping all your four-legged friends.

Thanks to all the confidence you have given us, nowadays we have a profesional and
compassionate staff, always focused on keeping your loyal friends healthy, preventing diseases
and to inform you about all the new research in Veterinary medicine so they can share a long
and healthy life with us.

Also we have good premises and facilities to perform our job in an efficient way, making sure
we can provide a quick response to our patients.
Of course, in our hearts, there is always a place for the most unlucky ones, that’s why we work
together with local charities always available to find a place for abandoned animals.

Finishing his Veterinary degree in 2005 in Córdoba, he loves internal medicine and diagnosis. In 2011 hecopened the clinic Centro veterinario Huércal Overa and, since then, has been constantly improving to offer a quality service. His kindness and experience will be the key for you to have confidence with us.

Since she finished her Veterinary degree in in 2005 in Córdoba, she has been focused on surgery. Her and Ángel started their project by opening the clinic Centro Veterinario Huércal Overa. Nowadays she is pleased to be available anytime your animal needs a surgical procedure.

After doing her Veterinary studies in Zaragoza, she became part of our staff in 2016 and, since then, she has focused her efforts on atending to your animals in the consultation, diagnostic tests and hospitalisation. Her tenacity with each clinical case makes her a consistent and confident professional.

Graduating in Veterinary studies from Cáceres, passionate with her job and her excepcional empathy. She is a very dinamic person always willing to listen and understand you. Her smile will follow you while you are in our clinic.

Graduate in Veterinaria in Murcia. Her great love for her patients makes them feel like at home. The animals that are convalescing will never lack a caress or some sweet words. The serenity and calm that she transmits manages to appease the most restless.

She finished her studies in Veterinary in Córdoba. Her friendliness will make your time in the clinic very pleasant. As she is so resolutive will make you feel your pet is in good hands. Her mission is the happiness of her patient.

Veterinary nurse. Her unconditional love for animals makes her the best ally to care for those most in need. Her work in the hospitalization area is impeccable, caring for our hospitalized patients with the tenderness and understanding they need.

Veterinary nurse. The key for an early recovery of our patients is, without a doubt, her optimism, transmiting good vibes to the owners and being always hopeful with the sick pets.

Supervisor and “public relations” of the clinic. She became part of the staff in 2015 and, since then, never had a day off. She keeps the staff under control making sure everything is as it should be. When you come to the clinic she will always welcome you, although not always in a good mood.

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